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Bridging the gap between healthcare and life science development.

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The team at MediSci are motivated individuals who came together to pursue a common mission: "Transforming healthcare through a complete digitalized patient-centric platform, bringing technology to the frontline for a better health outcome for every patient."

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C.R.O.S technology -

Improve Value and

Patient Care Outcomes

with MediSci

Our Complete Research Optimizing System (C.R.O.S) improves the value of healthcare by reducing costs and improving outcomes through early detection, prevention, coordinated care, evidence-based care, a better patient experience, and improved efficiency.

Blockchain patient-centered platform

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Research and Developement

Clinical Trials

On site clinical trials and virtual Trials

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Standard of Care

In Clinic |and Telemedicine

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Wellness Coach

Virtual medical health coaching

Mobile App

Increase patient engagement with continuous biometric monitoring with apple health and IoT devices, symptoms reporting, health rewards program, 24/7 access to care, and much more.

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CCM and

Comprehensive Cancer Health Screening.


Virtual Clinical Trials

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Lifestyle Medicine

Adverse Event Reporting System

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IoT Remote Monitoring Devices

and Apple Health

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Rewards Payment Program

Amazon and Venmo

"What would health look like look like if people were honest, considerate, accountable, and transparent"

C.R.O.S Technology

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